Our mission, vision, and beliefs

There is a Generosity Movement today, where people all around the world are giving like never before!  We are part of that movement and want to help you find your place in this movement and achieve your philanthropic potential!

We help people and organizations develop a vision of possibilities – of how you can make a greater difference in the world, your community and family -- using your strengths, experience, talent and resources.  We help expand those resources by finding ways of converting tax dollars to dollars that increase your financial security and do the good you want to do.  We come along side you on this journey so you can experience the fullness of joy that comes in fulfilling your life mission and making a greater difference in the lives of others.

Our Story

Generous Vision is the culmination of a career in financial planning by Wayne McDaniel.  Wayne began his career in financial services in 1979.  A few years later, he invested in a financial advisory company, which eventually became McDaniel Knutson Financial Partners.  As president, he led the firm for three decades to become a leading and well-respected financial planning firm.  He still serves on the board. During these years, Wayne developed an intense interest in how one could use tax laws to enhance financial security and increase the amount clients could give.  He also built a corporate culture where philanthropy is core to who the company is and what they do.

In 2015, Wayne retired as a financial planner and began to investigate how he could utilize his lifetime of experience and knowledge to help others.  He worked for a year as Vice President of Advanced Planning Strategies with National Christian Foundation Heartland before the entrepreneurial itch took hold and he decided to venture out again and start Generous Vision.

Wayne L. McDaniel, CFP®, CLU, ChFC, CAP®

Wayne is a Certified Financial Planning Practitioner (CFP) and a Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy (CAP) with over 35 years’ experience working with individuals and families on financial strategies.  His personal life mission, since 1990, has been to help people increase their capacity to live and to give.

Eternally curious, Wayne has the unusual capacity to connect the dots and find creative, but solid ways of helping clients do more than they thought they could do.  He is never satisfied with the status quo, but always seeks to find better, more successful approaches to solving problems.

On a personal basis, Wayne, and his wife, Jude, are committed to doing whatever they can to make the world a better place.  They believe, “we are here on earth to help others and whatever God has blessed us with is for us to bless others.”    They have two wonderful grown children, Corrie and Kelvin, and a loyal dog, Kelter.

The short video below captures Wayne’s passion for generosity as he describes how McDaniel Knutson Financial Partners adopted a village in India:

Entrepeneurs & Businesses

Become missional with philanthropy. Sell tax free.

Individuals & Families

Build tax-free wealth and live the legacy you want to leave.

Non-Profit Organizations

Increase donor motivation, vision, and giving.

Financial, Tax & Legal Professionals

Helping you guide your clients through legacy and charitable tax planning.

About Us

We help people and organizations develop a vision of possibilities in making a greater difference in the world, community and family by helping expand resources available and find ways of converting tax dollars to dollars that ultimately increase financial security and help people do the good they want to do.

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