We recognize that a client hires professional advisors to help him or her make better decisions.  We come alongside advisors in a supporting role to bring expertise in an area in which most advisors have limited knowledge and experience.  We see our role as secondary and will never attempt to usurp your position with your client.

Many advisors see Donor Advised Funds and Charitable Remainder Trusts as primary charitable planning tools.  And, we do recommend these.  However, other strategies may bring substantially greater benefits to your clients.  These include:

    • New Pooled Income Funds (higher tax deduction and higher income payout as compared to CRTs)
    • Charitable LLC (super flexible and powerful way to give while maintaining control)
    • Charitable Life Settlements (finding money for nonprofits out of undesired insurance policies)
    • Leveraged Charitable Lead Trusts (substantial gifting with no out-of-pocket costs)
    • Leveraged Wealth Replacement Trusts (replace gifting with no out-of-pocket costs)
    • Asset-based gifting of business or real estate assets to save taxes upon a sale
    • Non-cash gifting to generate tax savings without out-of-pocket costs

We utilize cutting-edge, proven strategies to cut client income taxes, increase their retirement income, enhance their financial security and estate, and make substantial gifts.

If you have a client for whom charitable tax planning may be a viable option, contact us and we will be glad to consult with you, provide illustrations and support in your presentation to your client.



About Us

We help people and organizations develop a vision of possibilities in making a greater difference in the world, community and family by helping expand resources available and find ways of converting tax dollars to dollars that ultimately increase financial security and help people do the good they want to do.

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